- Water is Life -

Water is the second most precious resource for the mankind after air, but unfortunately many Countries and regions around the World are facing severe Water shortages. According to the United Nation, about 1.2 Billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and by 2025 the number will increase to about 1.8 Billion. About 3.6 Million people die yearly from consequences of water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases, these mostly children under the age of 5. In the developing Countries, especially in the sub-Sahara Africa, over 40 Percent lack access to safe drinking water. Over 400 Million school days are lost yearly from water related illness. Millions of Women and Children spend several hours a day collecting water. Children and women are on these often arduous paths victims of sexual violence and abuse.

The easy access to clean drinking water is the foundation for other forms of development; not only saves lives, it can change a whole life. There can be no economic development, no prosperity, no health and no formation without healthy water. Water is life.

Dakie e.V. has designed this project to help fight Global water crises using the latest technology of the world’s most innovative solar water pump. This solar pump helps people to access safe, clean drinking water even in the most remote areas of the world.

This solar pump has been designed to ensure that
• it incurs No extra running cost and uses renewable solar energy to easily pump water out of the water wells;
• it requires No maintenance at all – all high quality maintenance-free-materials makes this possible;
• it efficiently pump up water from a depth of about 100m/300ft even on cloudy days;
• it is salt water resistance to avoid corrosion;
• it can easily be assembled locally using local skills and parts.

This project is a solution to everyone in the developing world who lacks access to safe, clean drinking water especially those in the Sahel region, extending from the west to the east coast of Africa and separating the vast Sahara desert from the sub-Saharan tropics, lies within a unique climatic zone, characterized by unstable weather conditions. For the past few decades the region has suffered from extreme drought, inflicting a severe water burden on the area and causing widespread hunger.

Due to increased drought and desertification, much of the area’s surface water have evaporated. The remaining scarce water resources must be shared between agriculture and human consumption.

Poor quality dirty drinking water collected from ponds causes serious water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and cholera that can be lethal in remote areas without access to modern medicine.

So our people, we need your help because the situation in this region is more than what we read or see in the news. Apart from poverty which is the order of the day, access to clean water is one of the greatest problem confronting the people today. That is why we have created this project of drilling boreholes in every community and installing for them  the Solar water pump Systems. Many of our current projects of providing potable water to the affected Communities are at a standstill and we cannot continue without your support.

Where will the funds go?

  • Hardware (Drilling Rig / Solar water pump / equipments)
  • Shipping/Transport
  • Installations / Engineering
So donate now and make a difference. As a donor or sponsor to this project, you are actively involved in the fight against poverty and global water shortage. Every cent counts. Make a direct impact by involving your friends online and together we will make a difference. Thank you for donating to

- The DAKIE Team -


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